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Who we are

We are a lead ground passengers transportation company, with more than 60 years of experience. What characterizes us is to offer uninterrupted quality services to strategic clients like LATAM group and also being the official transportation of Santiago’s airport (Arturo Merino Benitez). Apart from this, we also offer a series of transportation alternatives to and from different destinations within and outside the Metropolitan Region.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver a private transportation solution with a high security and quality standard, being committed with the care of our collaborators, community and road safety.

Our vision

Be recognized as the most trustworthy private passenger transportation company in the industry, offering a safe and quality transportation experience to the users, with cutting-edge technology and innovative systems.

Our values


We love what we do and we encourage every day to improve the services we offer.


Continuous search to improve the experience
delivered by the company to our clients,
strengthening the business relationship.


We take care of our clients,
collaborators and the community
focused on the safety road.


We believe in our foundations to strengthen
the quality of the relationships, the treatment
in the organization with the clients.

Open doors culture

We practice to promote the
participationof its members
in the decision making.


We are willing to adopt changes when
necessary. Opening, searching for
new markets and projection.


We recognize ourselves to ourselves
and to others as we are.
Each act is regulated by morality.

Our history




Don Juan de La Fuente Martínez, our founder, starts to offer services to our first client: Sociedad Nacional de Oleoductos (Sonacol), being able to maintain the trust and preference from our clients up until today.


His great innovative capacity allowed him to create the first school transportation company, a need that was unsatisfied in Chile until then and that had a great forecast, attending more than 1500 schools daily in the 70s.


In 1963 Delfos achieved to get the transfer service of LAN Chile, a service that has uninterruptedly provided for 44 years, starting with Ladeco and Fast Air, until today with Lan Express and Lan Airlines.


The new norms made the company be divided into two independent businesses: School transportation and corporate employee’s transportation, broadening its horizon and coverage in different niches of the market.


The acquired growing prestige and experience, gave us the capacity of being pioneers in a new business model: the transfer service to airport, consolidating the brand Delfos and now, recently, Transfer Delfos Passengers, official transportation of Santiago’s airport, with services from and to the airport.

We have a counter in Aduana and in the Central Hall, with trained and willing to attend it fast and efficiently.

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